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The Military TRIBUNAL is judging the authors and collaborators of CRIMES Against Humanity


Hearings of the Military and popular Tribunal of Quebec against Pfizer, Moderna and the accomplices of genocide on June 2-4 2023

The Mega-Jury Assembly wil be presented on Friday June 2 2023 from 7pm to 10pm, and June 3-4 from 9am to noon and 2pm to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) on our CloutHub channel.

More than 17 legal experts and special guests from Canada, the United States and other countries will join us Live from their locations to offer their testimonies. We are pleased and honored to announce these great speakers:

Major General (Ret) Paul E. Vallely, Sheriff Richard Mack, Attorney Todd Callender, Nick Mancuso, Benjamin Fulford, Ann Vandersteel and a panel of Judges from the International Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice: www.internationaltribunal.world

The population will be able to watch the Hearings Live on Tele-Republique.quebec in original english version or in simultaneous translation in French or 90 languages. Participants will be able to access the Special interviews, the voting platform, and contribute to the fundraiser for the security of our experts and the Tesla Medicine clinics network.

Schedule, Guest speakers, topics and tickets

Friday June 2


  • 6.30pm – Preparation and testing
  • 7pm – Opening presentation by Attorney Todd Callender, Live from the Islands
    Disabled Rights Advocates
    Topic: It’s time to issue Military Arrest Warrants to stop the Genocide
  • 8pm – Major General (Ret) Paul E. Vallely, Live from Montana
    Stand-up America Foundation
    Topic: The launch of the new national movement, Citizens Commission to Restore America
  • 9pm – Sheriff Richard Mack – Live from Arizona. Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
    Topic: Constitutional Sheriffs as a shield to tyranny and protect our Liberty

Saterday June 3

  •  9am – Benjamin Fulford, Live from Japan
    Topic: How Canadian Democracy got hijacked by a Satanic cult
  • 10am – Nick Mancuso, actor, Live from Paris
    Topic: The nature of lies
  • 11am – Testimony of a military whistleblower, pre-recorded
    Topic: DMED database analysis of the vaccine damages in pilots and military personel in the U.S. Army
  • 12am to 2pm – Lunch
  • 2pm – Ann Vandersteel, Live from Florida
    Topic to be confirmed
  • 3pm – Elders from the Alliance of Indigenous Nations (AIN)
    Topic: First Nations Sovereignty over legal fictions and international tyrannical organizations
  • 4pm – Dr. Barrie Trower, Pre-recorded interview
    Topic: 5G The Genocidal Nature of Non-Ionising Radiation

Sunday June 4

  • 9am – Special guest
    Topic to be confirmed :
  • 10am – Todd Callender, Attorney, Live from ‘The Islands’
    Disabled Rights Advocates
    Topic : United Nations Agenda 2030
  • 11am – Daniel Gaumond, Live from Quebec
    Logistic Director, Counter-terrorism Director and Medical Fraud Investigator
    Quebec Military Tribunal
    Topic: Investigation into the COVID-19 terrorist psychological attack and Communist take-over against the Quebec population
  • 12am to 2pm – Lunch
  • 2pm to 5pm – Panel of judges from the International Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice, Live fromCanada, USA and Europe.
  • 5pm – Vote on issuing the arrest warrants for the co-conspirators on the list of defendants
    This Court is letting you, The People, be the Judges.

Ordering tickets :

The cost to attend the 3 day Live stream event is:

  • $17 for low or no income attendees

  • $75 for General admission

  • $1775 for Patriots who want to sponsor the Quebec National Guard and support the Military Tribunal in a significant way

  • Or the amount of your choice

Prices in Canadian Dollars.

The tickets to attend the Live event on the Web are available on the new
Tele-Republique.quebec channel:

Half of the proceeds collected will be used to hire National Guard troops and protection services to enhance the security of our judges, lawyers and experts, and therapists in the network of ‘Tesla Medicine’ clinics, and the other half will be invested on Vitality Oasis which will offer free treatments to children affected by Autism and their parents, as well as to veterans suffering from a traumatic brain injury or affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Details about the protocol and clinics will be presented at another event in July 2023.
Funds are managed and guaranteed by the Quebec Green Bank for the Quebec National Guard: www.gardenationale.quebec

Thousands of Thank you for your support!

The legal team
Quebec military Tribunal

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